Girls Night In

Mum and Dad are out at a function they have been invited too. Brother is out on the town with his friends – the novelty of being 18 has clearly not worn off yet! This leaves Connie with her big sister to have a night of whatever we want. After a busy day going out for lunch with all the ladies of the family, all I wanted to do was get in my pyjamas at 6pm and do nothing all night but I knew that wouldn’t suit Connie. She loves to be kept busy and is constantly asking what she is going to be doing next. 
So, as a compromise, it was decided that a trip to Tesco and a girly night in would be the plan for the night. I’m sure sisters and friends all over the world have Saturday nights in but it rarely happens for me with Connie … So it’s about time we had one!

Connie LOVES snacks. Her special request for our night in was microwave popcorn (which was delicious!) but as usual, the trip around Tesco turned into a mound of treats for Connie – biscuits, crisps, sweets, ice lollies. Connie saw a handful of people that knew her whilst we were out … I had no idea who they were and she did her standard trick of running of leaving me to make a conversation with a stranger working out who they are!

Most of our night was taken up with Saturday night TV. After Strictly Come Dancing (one of the few shows that there is half a chance of Connie sitting through) we went upstairs to put our pyjamas on. Connie needs help getting undressed, washed and into her pyjamas and nappy knickers but we got through it with lots of cuddles and LOTS of questions being asked over and over again that all need to be answered. Where’s mum? Where’s dad? When they coming home? How they getting home? What we doing tomorrow? Where am I going tomorrow? Who’s taking me out? The list in endless! But they all need to be answered to keep Connie happy – she likes to be in the know! 

Our night didn’t consist of normal girly things like gossiping, face masks and alcohol. Ours was made up of teddies, the iPad and the Argos catalogue. 
Connie is always kept so busy that it was lovely to get some time together to have a girly chill. Sometimes it is easy for me, in between all the caring and cleaning, to forget that first and foremost me and Connie are sisters. All sisters should spend quality time together. It just happens that instead of the cocktails and nights out two sisters in their twenties might have; we have cuddles, toys and CBeebies. And I wouldn’t change it for the world! 

What have you been up too this weekend? Connie would love to know! 

We also just wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone who has read our blog, clicked like on Facebook,clicked follow on Twitter and shared our posts. We can’t believe how many people there are following Connie already and can’t wait to really get going with it all! 


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