5 Facts about Feet

It’s time for another part of Connie’s life that people might not realise we have to deal with. Feet. We have always struggled when it comes to Connie’s feet so we have summed it up in five little facts!

1. Size

In a similar way to the rest of her body, Connie’s feet are extremely thin which makes it so hard to find her shoes. We like to keep Connie as fashionable as possible (just like any twenty year old!) but you would not believe how hard it is to go shoe shopping for her. She would love to have the most up to date shoes but unfortunately, most shoes don’t provide enough support for Connie. This means that for the most part she is in high-top like trainers or shoes from Clarks. 

Trying on her mum’s shoes at the top of the stairs!

2. Insoles

Connie has insoles to wear in her shoes to help support her feet. She wears them mostly in her trainers but they can cause her some discomfort. The insoles are needed though which makes sandals nearly impossible for Connie. They provide no support for her and we obviously can’t put her insoles into them … it is such a shame because she loves to wear them! 

Connie’s everyday shoes with her insoles in

3. Splints

One thing not many people know about Connie is that she wears splints to bed. They come up to the middle of her shins and they secure in place with Velcro. She definitely does not enjoy wearing these so we often alternate what leg she wears them on each night. The splints keep her feet in a position to stop her feet from dropping. Connie constantly walks around on her tip-toes and her feet have started to slightly drop so the splints are extra important at the moment to help stop them dropping anymore. If they drop fully, she will not be able to walk. 

4. Temperature

Connie’s feet are always cold. But the hard thing is that she can’t tell us when they get too cold. Connie struggles to express pain or anything that is wrong so we mostly just get the phrase “something hurting” and we are left to work out what it is. If we didn’t think about her feet or forgot one time, she would sit with ice cold feet all day long. We constantly stock up on socks and slipper socks. Slippers would be the easy option to put on her whenever she gets home but then we go back to the first point about her feet being so thin. Slippers don’t give Connie the support she needs underneath her feet and around her ankles so she can be quite unsteady in them … they aren’t great for her getting around the house!

5. Sensitivity

We learnt the hard way on our recent holiday to Florida just how sensitive and soft Connie’s feet are. I’m sure a lot of us would love to have baby soft skin on our feet but for Connie it is becoming a bit of a problem. Her feet are so soft that all the bottoms of her toes started bleeding with the skin coming off on holiday just because she was in the water and on a different surface. It looked so painful and we spent the rest of the holiday checking her feet all the time to make sure the wounds weren’t opening up or getting infected. Not so fun! 

Feet are probably one of the last things you would think about when asked about the reality of living with Connie but it is something that we have to think about daily to make sure her feet are okay. We work hard on her feet to make sure that she doesn’t lose the ability to use them. Hopefully one day we will be able to get her the shoes she wants that give her all the support she needs and are fashionable … if not then we will have to design them ourselves! Watch this space 😉 


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