Disney on Ice!

At the weekend, Connie went to watch Disney on Ice with her Aunty and cousins. We got back from three weeks in Florida doing all things Disney a couple of weeks ago so we thought she might love it. Ever since she saw Goofy and bought a big teddy of him she has been obsessed!

Disney on Ice was at Manchester Evening News Arena so Connie went on the train (an experience in itself!) with her Aunty Helen and met up with her cousin Emma and her daughter Gracie. Train journeys with Connie are not easy. Firstly, she struggles with the noise of train station platforms and when the train arrives you can expect a lot of her hand gestures and ‘funny noises’ which is just her trying to release the tension she is feeling. Next, you have the stress of physically getting on the train with her which can be a major issue if there is a big step up from the platform. It quite often involves actually pushing her up to make sure you get on the train before it leaves. Finally, you have the ordeal of keeping Connie entertained for however long you are on the train. Luckily, the hour to Manchester is manageable but any longer and you start taking risks. Connie hates public toilets because of the noise when flushing and washing/drying your hands so you can imagine toilets on public transport are a nightmare for her. The key is to make sure she goes to the toilet before her train journey and hope she doesn’t need it whist on the train! If you are lucky enough to get her to go to the toilet then great … Often we have toilet situations to deal with where she hasn’t made it to the toilet whilst dealing with all the looks you get from people around you. This is why a spare change of clothes (or sometimes 2) is essential when you take Connie out. The fear of public toilets is sometimes too much for her to deal with and you have to be able to quickly deal with the consequences. A blog post on public toilets will be on its way soon!

Anyway, once in Manchester, Connie met up with Emma and Gracie (who Connie absolutely loves!) Seeing them together is funny because anyone would think Connie is looking after Gracie but in reality, Gracie helps look after Connie! Connie got the choice of where to go for lunch and chose Subway … We think this was just because she could see it nearby but she enjoys it there. 

We have worked really hard over the last few years to get Connie used to large spaces and loud noises and it hasn’t been easy – although sometimes it has been fun! One Direction was a great practice for us all. Luckily our hard work is starting to pay off because she is getting better at being in crowds but we are still a long way off the ideal yet. It might have been because of our holiday, or because Connie was with Gracie but this trip was a massive success for Connie – she loved it! She refused to wear her Disney ears in Florida until the last day but treat her too flashing news ones in Manchester and she will wear them the whole time! 

Sitting eight rows from the front Connie had a brilliant time. Her favourite part was Goofy coming out with Mickey on a sleigh … The Goofy obsession is real! At the end, Mickey said if you love the person at your side then give them a hug. Connie got a hug off Emma and Gracie but decided to give her hug to Aunty Helen. Smiles all round! 

I’m sure the average age at Disney on Ice was a lot younger than Connie but what does that matter if your having fun? Trips like these are important because they give Connie so much experience – she had to deal with trains, loud noises, big crowds and paying attention for a long time. Now it is time to decide where  her next trip will be too! 


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