Birthday Fun!

When you’re growing up, there is nothing more exciting than birthdays. For Connie, it doesn’t matter if it is her’s or someone else’s birthday, she still gets just as excited. All our family is growing up now and we don’t see each other as often but you can guarantee Connie will want to celebrate your birthday with you! 

This week Connie’s cousin turned 25 so of course Connie was desperate to celebrate. At the age of 25, balloons, parties and party bags are a thing of the past (much to Connie’s disappointment!) but Connie wasn’t left out.

Connie has always been close to her cousin Declan so of course he didn’t forget about her on the night of his birthday. Connie got invited out for tea, along with our Aunty Susan and Declan’s girlfriend Emma, to their local pub. Might not sound much to some but it made Connie’s day! 

Menus are always a difficult thing with Connie. She can’t read and she struggles to make decisions. If you read her a few things off a menu she would always choose the last thing you say. If you read them in a different order, her choice would change to whatever is last that time. The best menus for Connie are the ones with lots of pictures because that is something she can understand and can make a choice herself. For Declan’s birthday, she chose sausage, egg and chips and it definitely wasn’t a small portion!! 

For Connie, it doesn’t matter how old you are, a birthday always equals a birthday cake and singing happy birthday. It often also equals her trying to blow your candles out for you which can take a while but we always get there with some help! So it was only right after her lovely meal out with people she loves that her night ended back at the house wishing Declan a proper happy birthday!

Not only does Connie being invited out mean a lot to her, it also means that we get a break at home which is always well needed. I’m not sure many 25 year olds would invite one of their younger cousins out on their birthdays but that is just how special Connie is! You know Connie has had a good night when she finishes it off in bed with pillow asking what she is doing tomorrow. It is never-ending!


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