The Food Cupboard

Connie’s favourite place in our house (apart from maybe her bed) is definitely the food cupboard. If ever you cannot find her, there is about a 95% chance that’s where she will be. Instead of having food in lots of little cupboards, it is all stored in one place in an under-the-stairs walk-in cupboard. It locks (like every door in our house does) and houses all of our food from crisps to condiments, onions to pasta, sweets to sauces. It is all in one place to make it easier – we can lock the door and know that Connie isn’t in any of the food. If you forget to lock it or leave it open for a reason then you can fully expect Connie to be making constant trips. 

We are constantly trying to help Connie put on weight so the cupboard is always stocked with all her favourite snacks in the hope that she might just keep ‘grazing’ throughout the day. She often starts her day with crisps and always goes on her taxi in the morning with two biscuits so the food cupboard is always open for her in the morning. A lot of eating for Connie is about the texture and that’s why you can often find Connie sneaking to the food cupboard to eat dried pasta – she absolutely loves it! 

All our pockets normally have a hole in where Connie has poked her finger to get to what she wants!

The food cupboard has also become a place where Connie goes to hide. She will shout ‘come find me’ and when you ask where she is the response will be ‘in the dungeon’ as though she believes being in that cupboard takes her to a place that we can’t find her. She lodges herself in the cupboard behind the door so that we struggle to reach her to help get her out which is always fun. It basically means that we have to stick our arm through the gap and pull Connie to the right side of the door otherwise she has free reign in there until she decides it’s time to get out!

You might have seen a video this week on our Facebook page where Connie was sat on the floor in the food cupboard and could not manoeuvre herself back out. She has no strength in her arms or legs and because she is so tall, her long legs make it difficult for her to work out what she needs to do next. She can’t just stand up without something to push up from or someone to help her so she is basically stuck. 

It all sounds quite funny when you write it like that but getting her out of the cupboard all day long is tiring to say the least. It is a constant battle when you need the cupboard door open for a reason but Connie is about. As normal with Connie you also have to be careful in case she puts herself in any danger. She can’t read any labels and doesn’t know what everything is so could literally be putting anything in her mouth from the cupboard. The time she made herself ill because she ate a load of salt thinking it was sugar wasn’t fun for anyone! Neither is never being able to shake salt onto your meals because Connie has licked the salt shaker and it is all clogged together! We will be doing more posts on Connie’s eating – I’m sure a lot of people won’t believe what Connie has eaten before so keep tuned! In the mean time, if you are ever at our house and Connie isn’t about … check the food cupboard!


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