My Favourite Things #1

1. Pillow
Without a doubt, Connie’s favourite thing in the world (maybe apart from her family but it is a tough contest) is her pillow. She can’t sleep without it, she goes on car journeys with it and she sits with it constantly at home. It seems to work for her the same way a comforter like a blanket or a teddy does for a small child. We aren’t sure whether it is the texture or the smell that she likes the most but she sits with it bent in half with her mouth and nose resting on the top of it. She seems to do a mixture of sniffing it and brushing her lips across the top of it.

  Connie give pillow a human character and seems to believe that he (for some reason it is a boy) can do things. When she wants pillow, who usually resides on Connie’s bed if he isn’t with her, she will call for him telling him that she wants him … fully expecting him to be able to walk down the stairs himself to her! It is very rare that she will give you pillow but she will sit with you and let you join in. Our life without pillow would be a nightmare. Every so often, pillow has to be changed because he gets dirty and this is a military operation. It takes Connie days, sometimes weeks, to adapt to the new pillow and get it feeling and smelling the way she likes it and we suffer if it isn’t right. You might not see Connie very often out in public with pillow, but you can bet that he will be waiting for her in the car or on her chair at home and is the first thing she goes to when she gets home!

2. iPad

This might not seem a strange favourite; I am sure a lot of young adults love their iPad. But their reasons might be different. Connie loves hers for watching the programmes she loves which is mostly Come Outside (most people know as Pippin the dog) on YouTube. It is amazing to watch Connie navigate herself around YouTube clicking on the different videos that she might like because of the picture that she recognises. It is another thing that we could not live without because she will often sit quiet for a good 15 minutes on the iPad watching her favourite shows. So if you just need a little bit of peace, the iPad is the way forward in our house. It comes on all our long journeys and we download shows for her to watch when she is somewhere without the internet. Connie can’t concentrate or sit still for a long time but the iPad is one of the things that might keep her occupied and we love it nearly as much as she does!

3. Goofy (& Friends!)

A new favourite for Connie is her Goofy teddy that we got from Disney last month. She has been obsessed with it since she got it and always wants to know where he is. Again, it may be the sensory aspect of his floppy ears and long pointy nose that she likes or the human clothes he wears but he has been a real hit. Connie has always had a soft spot for her teddies and, just like pillow, talks to them as though they are real. They mostly live on the sofa or on top of her wardrobe in her bedroom. She blames naughty things on them, kisses them, hugs them and gives them all names that she tries to remember. The current favourites are 2 Barneys, 2 Tiggers, 2 Paddington Bears, 3 little leopards, a rag doll, 2 big dogs and numerous little Postman Pats and Noddys (who have always been a firm favourite). 

When she is out and about Connie will often run to any soft toys and give them kisses which always gets her a few funny looks but she loves them. To her, they are something that she can look after. We are constantly asking if she has taken the dogs out for a walk or fed them their tea – she always laughs but will pretend to do the things as though she really has the responsibility.

It is hard for Connie to have things that she genuinely loves other than people. Unlike most people, she doesn’t have treasured possessions like jewellery or little tokens of memories from things that she has done. Her favourite things are just as important to her though – generally, 20 would be considered too old to have a comforter or too old to watch baby programmes with your soft toys but for us it is something we will live with forever and we love it. Connie won’t ever stop loving her favourite things and we will keep sharing them with you so keep your eyes peeled for the next post in this new series about them … they might not be what you are expecting!


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