The Not-So-Nice Reality

We love Connie and wouldn’t have her any other way. Unfortunately, we have found out the hard way that other people sometimes don’t feel the same. Whether it is because of a lack of understanding or just a total disregard for people’s feelings; people say and do what can only be described as nasty things.

Over the years, we have had numerous experiences with other people reacting to Connie and her behaviour that have been upsetting but they have always made us more determined to raise awareness in any way possible of what life can really be like. 

There are some things that happen (sadly) on a daily basis to us that we have become oblivious too now because they happen so often. Whenever Connie is having one of her ‘moments’ (that could be anything from having a little tantrum about something to making loud noises and facial expressions to relieve the tension and stress she is feeling) we always received the standard reactions. Funny looks, people shaking their heads, making unnecessary comments (like the lady who informed us how awful Connie’s behaviour was and how her dogs behave better than Connie!), people laughing at her and people changing direction to avoid going past us are the norm.

But … sometimes there are stand-out moments that we can’t believe (like the dog comment lady!) Sometimes we are quick enough to respond and set people straight but sometimes, it isn’t until we have reached home and the shock has worn off that we realise we should have said something. You might have seen a recent post if you follow Just Connie on Facebook about one of these moments that happened just this week. Four young people stood outside our house and decided to make fun of Connie and ridicule her whilst she was smiling and looking out of the front window like she loves to do. With Mum in the kitchen and Dad not home from work, there was no one there to stop them. Luckily, Dad arrived home and as he pulled up beeping his horn, they ran away. This is one of those moments when you know people’s behaviour is NOT okay and it isn’t something that can be excused just because they don’t understand. Even though it can be upsetting, when you are out and about it is understandable that people might look at Connie and react a certain way but in her own home she should be safe from any judgement and any nasty behaviour. She should just be allowed to be who she is. That is the part that is the most frustrating and heart-breaking. Unfortunately, these people got away without us being able to say anything to them but we can raise awareness by just telling people. Who knows…those four young people might just catch sight of this blog and realise what they did and that it isn’t all a joke.  This blog isn’t just about the nice side of Connie’s life (although we wish it was all nice for her!); it is about the reality of her life.

On a brighter note, Connie has finished at her college for her two weeks half term so she will be getting lots of fun things planned! Tomorrow she is doing the Welly Walk with her cousins down the Bay Gateway and can’t wait! She has been out and about today with her friend Ellen (above) helping get things ready. I think after years of watching the road being built she will be excited to see the full thing – and of course see all her favourite people from Unique Kidz & Co helping out at the tea and coffee stand at the end! If you see her please say hello or give her a smile and keep an eye out for our next post on Sunday about how she got on!


8 thoughts on “The Not-So-Nice Reality

  1. I have known Connie for approx. 12 years. And she is the loveliest of humans I know. Always happy, always willing to give you a smile & she’ll spot you in an instant if you’re out and about shopping,
    I believe that prejudice comes from ignorance, from the lack of understanding. If people don’t understand then they are afraid, that’s why I am 100% behind Connie’s mum Jane in all that she is doing to bring awareness to those of us who don’t understand Retts or Autism or Down’s Syndrome. We may all know of these ‘Syndrome’s’ but unless you live with them morning, noon & night, you’ll have no idea what their life is really like.
    These young people have Special needs and that’s because they are very special young people.

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  2. Hello CONNIE can you make sure Ash and James have got lots of scampi fries for you when your on your walk and I look forward to seeing you at the party tonight love you loads uncle B XXX

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  3. Hi I don’t know you personally but I’ve seen Connie a few times as my friends daughter used to go to school with her and every time I’ve seen her she’s been a very happy girl! And as for people making nasty remarks they should stop and think before they open their mouth! I hope they will understand her condition a lot more when they read your awareness page X have fun on your walk hun and don’t let the ignorant bring you down x

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  4. Hi…My name is Sandi and my son is the author of I came across your blog via a message left on his Twitter. I am so happy I did. This story is heartbreaking in regards to the insensitive and cruel actions of others. At the same time it is heartwarming to read that Connie has her own army of defenders! Hunter and I are blessed to have our own army in our community. Is there a subscription for this blog? Thank you for all you do and for letting Connies voice be heard.

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    1. Hi Sandi thank you so much for commenting! I’m Jordan , Connie’s older sister who writes her blog for her. The feeling is mutual towards your son and you – I am so glad you retweeted us because it helped me find Come Roll With Me which I am loving and can’t wait to read more of. A close family friend of ours has Cerebal Palsy so it is inspiring for us to read Hunters blog and see the world from his eyes. We will definitely be following.
      I am quite new to blogging so I’m not sure about your subscription question … I believe you can follow our blog as a WordPress user or by email and I think this can be done on the homepage. We are also on Facebook as Just Connie if that is easier. Thank you so much again for commenting and I look forward to reading more of Come Roll With Me


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