The Social Butterfly: Welly Walks and Parties!

Connie has had quite the weekend being a little social butterfly and she started it off with doing The Bay Gateway Welly Walk. Connie walked the route of the new local bypass with her dad, her cousin Ashleigh and Ashleigh’s boyfriend James. Ashleigh and James live in Stoke so Connie always loves it when they come up to visit – she is guaranteed a trip out! 

Excited to see the new road, along with 4500 others, Connie walked the route and finished it in about an hour having lots of fun on the way. At the end, her favourite charity Unique Kidz & Co were helping out with the tea and coffee stand so Connie loved seeing all the faces that she knew including her mum, her brother Morgan, Aunty Lucy, Aunty Helen, Aunty Susan and Connie’s cousin Olivia. It was a total family affair as normal – which Connie loves! 

As if that wasn’t enough for one day, Connie went off last night to her friends 18th. She loves going out to parties but this one was special because she went with Rachael who works at Unique Kidz and Co and (more importantly) went without her mum or dad. It was a real moment of independence for Connie who chose her own outfit, took out her passport and went to the pub for a (soft) drink before going to the party. The party was at Connie’s favourite pub, the Ex-Servicemans in Carnforth where her uncle runs behind the bar and everyone knows her … sometimes we are pretty sure she thinks that she runs the place! 

There is a charity down in Brighton called Stay Up Late which promotes full and active social lives for people with learning disabilities. Often, because of the shift work that carers have to do, people with disabilities can be seen leaving social events early at around 9pm so that the carers can get back to swap shifts. Stay Up Late are wanting the shift times to go from being ‘inflexible to being able to make things happen’. As you can see, we agree massively with this – why should Connie or any of her friends have to end their socialising and fun early just because of shift times? 

Well, Connie got in (after her mum and dad who had also been out) just after midnight and had a BRILLIANT night with all her friends. She has woken up at half 9 this morning singing ‘Oops Upside Your Head’ and telling us all about her night. 

To find out more about Stay Up Late head over to their website by clicking here and see why we totally agree with what they are campaigning for! 

Half term starts now for Connie so keep a look out for lots of updates on all the fun things she is getting up too. Don’t forget to like, share, comment and follow our blog and all our social media sites so that we can keep raising awareness of what life can really be like. 


2 thoughts on “The Social Butterfly: Welly Walks and Parties!

    1. Thank you so much for commenting – we love the idea of Stay Up Late and wish there was something like that near where we live … hopefully one day soon there will be! Fingers crossed 🙂


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