Spooky Witches & Sensory Auras!

5.30 am on Monday morning. Connie is awake, shouting “mummy” and is ready to start discussing her Halloween plans. No lie ins for our house on the first official day of half term! As normal, the questions are never ending. What am I wearing? What time am I going? Where am I going? Who’s doing my make up? Will there be people at the foot? Where can we buy a broom? 

Connie’s plans for Halloween often involve her going to a family members house and going to the doors of people who know her. Every year we have the same problems with dressing up – finding Connie an outfit that fits her and isn’t an ‘adults’ costume is near-on impossible. So this year, Connie went in her usual witch outfit and made her mum take her to buy a broom. Before going out, Connie answered our door a couple of times to get herself in the Halloween mood (with the help of mum and dad). One of Connie’s favourite doggy friends Vera even called by to say Happy Halloween!

Connie went out for Halloween to her Aunty Lucy’s house where her 18 year old cousin Olivia did spooky make up for Connie and off she went trick or treating with her 8 year old cousin Lily! 

All the Nana’s were visited along with Lily’s Aunty Julie  and our neighbours. it can be hard to take Connie out on Halloween to people’s houses that we don’t know because we don’t know how she or they will react. She might not have been to many places or got many sweets …

… but Connie was over the moon with her Halloween and was shattered in bed by 9pm! 

Yesterday, Connie spent her Tuesday at 4 Ever Unique which is connected to Unique Kidz & Co and opened in May providing daytime support through themed activities for young adults with disabilities. Now Connie has left her school, she doesn’t get to see her friends very often so she was excited to see them and have fun. After the obligatory stop off at Asda to pick her lunch (a wrap like always!) Connie was dropped off at 4 Ever Unique and headed off to a new sensory play area in Kendal called Aura. She absolutely loved it – I’m sure you can see from the lovely pictures! 

To find out more about Aura head over to their website by clicking here. They can also be found on Facebook and Twitter by searching Aura Cumbria. Take a look at the amazing place they have set up! 

Hope you’ve enjoyed the blog – don’t forget to keep liking, sharing and commenting! We can’t believe how many people have told us in the street that they read our blog … let’s keep going! 


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