Bonfire Night

Remember remember the 5th of November. Well for us, the 5th November is normally a night we remember as one that Connie does not like. Growing up, she has always been frightened of the noise of fireworks and we have often spent the night in the house trying to distract Connie from the loud bangs going on outside. For the past few years it has been clear that Connie is torn between wanting to go to firework displays with everyone else and not wanting to go because of the noise. Normally, the side of her not wanting to go takes over and she watches fireworks from the safety of her bedroom window with one of us…

Not this year though! We had a huge success in Disney wth Connie and fireworks. There was no way we could miss the amazing displays so even though Connie was extremely nervous about it, we managed to help her through it and she ended up really loving them (the noise is still tough for her but practice makes perfect!) 

Like normal Connie wanted to go this year and see fireworks and after the success of Disney we thought there might be a chance that she would enjoy them. Instead of going to the big local show with thousands of others which would have made the loud noises a lot more intense for her, Connie went to her Aunty Lucy’s. The plan was to walk through the village to a spot that Connie could see the fireworks and didn’t have to deal with the noise. She loved it! 

Connie has fun with sparklers (with a lot of help of course!) and then got all wrapped up and headed off to find some fireworks…

With things like this, it has taken us years to work up to where we are now and any one little thing could set Connie way back. Luckily, last night was another big step forward for Connie and it was smiles all round. 

Hope you had a lovely Bonfire Night! Second week of half term for Connie so keep watching for more updates and keep liking, commenting and sharing! Chilled Sunday night ahead for Connie … if there is such a thing! 


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