FaceTime Fun 

Just like any other sisters, there is nothing Connie and I like better than a FaceTime at night to see what the other has been up too, especially as at the moment I live nearly three hours away from her! As you can imagine there are a few slight differences in our FaceTime sessions though! We love Connie having her own iPad because it can give us some peace when she is sat quietly with it … but it does mean that you can be received a FaceTime call at any time of the day. I often look down at my phone and see she is ringing me and the fact that I can’t answer because I am busy doesn’t come into Connie’s head. When I am home from work though, there is nothing better than ringing her back to see what she has to tell me.

The FaceTime often starts with a totally black screen or a screen pointing up at the ceiling. The only thing that matters to Connie is that she can see me; it doesn’t bother her if I can’t see her! I can tell her numerous times to point the camera down or move her fingers off it which she does but it only lasts a couple of minutes before the iPad has returned to its original position. Then the conversation begins. I always get a big hello which is then followed by lots and lots of questions and requests. She asks where I am, what I am doing, can I show her my kitchen, can I show her my lounge, my bedroom, my TV … it goes on and on and it doesn’t matter that I show her every single time she always wants to see it again. I am lucky if a conversation on FaceTime with Connie on her own lasts 5 minutes. She often gets bored and passes me over to someone else – she has seen what she wanted to see! The conversation then moves between me and whoever is with her trying to encourage her to answer my questions or show me what she is up too. The night before last I was treated to a 5 minute rendition of ‘Scooby Dooby Doo where are you’ as she paraded round the lounge and then used her witch broom from Halloween to sweep her chair! I often watch as the camera follows her about the house doing whatever random thing she has decided on doing and try to find something to talk about that I know will grab her attention. Telling her I have a surprise for her or that I spoke to someone she knows that day usually does the trick and I am back into a 5 minute conversation with her whilst she gets what she wants from me.

Connie doesn’t have a very long attention span and if the iPad is left with her then you have to be ready for the inevitable – the hang up. No goodbyes, no speaking to anyone else, no blowing kisses like she will do if mum has the iPad pointing at her. Nothing. Connie has no issue with letting you know that she is bored or that she doesn’t want to speak to you and we love her for it. If someone is at our house for example and Connie wants them to leave she simply goes and gets their coat and brings it to them. She doesn’t mess about!

Anyone in our family who has Connie on FaceTime will tell you how funny she can be on it and how prepared for calls you have to be at any point through the day. The calls are always short and don’t involve much conversation but she loves to see where people are and what they are doing. We will forever be thankful for the iPad and for FaceTime.

Busy weekend at the Halpin Household as I move back home which Connie is very excited for! We will keep you updated!



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