Guess Who’s Back!

It has been a big weekend at the Halpin Household as Connie’s sister Jordan has moved home from Scotland after living in Edinburgh for two and a half years. Connie was, and still is, very excited! 

To be able to get home, Connie’s mum and dad had to go up to Edinburgh in a lovely big van, rented from the brilliant Enterprise to get Jordan and all her things which meant that overnight care for Connie was needed. On Saturday, Connie’s nana did the morning shift then at 10am Connie’s Aunty Lucy came to take Connie out for the day. Whilst everyone was up in Scotland, Connie enjoyed a trip to town with Nana June and Lucy and went out for lunch to Bay View Garden Centre. 

Connie was given the option of staying at her own house in her own bed on Saturday (with Aunty Lucy sleeping over as well of course) or going for a sleepover at Lucy’s with her three younger cousins Olivia, Evie and Lily. Connie chose to go for a sleepover of course and spent the night with the girls watching Strictly Come Dancing and X Factor with a Chinese and some sweeties. Connie loves getting a takeaway and seaweed is definitely her favourite thing even though she always makes a complete mess with it eating with her favourite utensil – her fingers!

Connie loves her cousins and stayed over in their bedroom on the put-me-up bed which she absolutely loved.  Waking at five to get changed after an accident, Connie stayed in bed until half 8 just enjoying being with the girls – a perfect Sunday lie in! 

Mum, Dad and Jordan weren’t due back until Sunday afternoon so Connie spent the morning visiting her Great-Aunty Jean delivering her birthday cards and flowers and then went to town with Aunty Helen. 

After a long and busy weekend for everyone, Connie arrived home to a big welcome home dinner for Jordan and showered her with lots of his and kisses. Connie even gave her the privilege of being the one to get her ready for bed and the ultimate privilege of putting her to bed. Not sure how long the novelty of having ‘sister’ back will last! 

Sorry today’s post is late but the weekend has been crazier than normal for us. Now everyone is back under one roof watch out for more exciting blog posts and updates on social media. Lots of things are coming up that we can’t wait to share on Just Connie! 


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