Doggy Friends

Without a doubt, Connie’s favourite animal is a dog and she loves anything to do with them! Not just the walking and stroking – she loves their toys, their beds, their leads, their food! We don’t have a dog at our house because it would be too much to cope with but luckily a lot of our family have dogs so Connie gets to go and help out with them. 

Once a week, Connie goes to Aunty Susan’s to take her dog for a walk and to help look after it – sort of like a little job for Connie! Connie has lots of dog friends that we know love her almost as much as she loves them. There isn’t a day goes by that she doesn’t see a dog that she knows. She always waves and speaks to them as though they are able to properly speak back. 

It isn’t just the physical dog that Connie loves – it is everything else that goes with them. She always likes to play with their toys and buys all the dogs in the family a toy for Christmas. Connie has also been known to eat dog food and dog biscuits – we think it is the texture that she likes! One day at Aldi, Connie ran off like normal and we found her with dog food in her mouth – she had opened a can herself and started to eat it. As you can imagine we got lots of shocked faces from the other customers but nothing shocks us anymore!

Connie loves a trip to Pets at Home to look at all the pet stuff and can often be found down the dog aisle with dog toys in her mouth or a sneaky biscuit in her hand! Connie has two teddy dogs at home called Bernard and Dotty who she treats as though they are her pets. She pretends to feed them and takes them out to the toilet. If we are going to the butchers, Connie asks to buy a bone for her dogs and in a supermarket she always wants to buy poo bags! On holiday, she was very concerned about who was looking after her dogs and asked about them every day – she would love a real dog but sadly we can’t have one so we have to make her dream as real as we can with Bernard and Dotty! 

Connie wants to give a big shout out to all her favourite dogs (the list is quite long!) her doggy friends include Bertie, Poppy, Rufus, Chino, Vera, Belle, Holly, Maisy, Pepsi, Eric and Bracken who jumps up on our wall to wave hello all the time now after reading our blog! 


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