Keeping Connie Occupied…

Connie isn’t one for sitting and relaxing … at all! Her idea of the worst day ever would be staying in the house and watching TV – she constantly wants to be out and about doing things and seeing people. When the weather is nice and everyone is feeling okay, it is not too hard to keep Connie busy doing things – worst case scenario you can just go for a walk to the local corner shop. But what happens when the weather is absolutely shocking and everyone is ill? 

It’s been an unusual few days at the Halpin household as Dad has been away for work all week and Mum has been really ill leaving Connie with me, her sister. Just to make things easier for me (not!) we have had every single type of awful weather these last couple of days from sleet to torrential rain which has left Connie with a very runny nose and a slight cold – every minute or so there is a shout for a tissue because she needs her nose blowing. Not that this stops Connie – we have still had to be out and about. I asked Connie what she wanted to put on her blog this weekend and she said her favourite places. Here are our top three tips of places that Connie likes to go and that keep Connie occupied!

1. Any Supermarket – it really doesn’t matter which one, Connie is more than happy to visit any of them as long as she can get a basket or a trolley to walk round with and a catalogue (although we usually end up with the basket or trolley when she gets bored of it after 5 minutes!) Connie loves to go round and search for any things we might need. If we don’t need anything then she always buys a packet of crisps or a drink. We like to look at the toys, the magazines, the clothes – anything! 

2. McDonalds – if all else fails a trip to McDonalds will always make Connie happy. For years she has always asked for a Happy Meal with a strawberry milkshake but has recently started to branch out into proper ‘grown up’ meals – normally the wraps! 

3. If all the supermarkets and food places have been exhausted and other trips to shops have been done (like they have this weekend!) our last resort is to take Connie out in the car. Even if it is just to drop a letter off somewhere, or pick someone up/take them somewhere – Connie always joins in on the trip. She just wants to be out!

Our trips out this weekend have included Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Tesco, Booths, the Arndale shopping centre, the golf club, Lancaster, McDonalds – the list is endless! But there is only so many times you can go to a supermarket to walk round and buy a packet of crisps which she does in every single one. There are only so many cafes you can visit or people you can go and pick up. It is so hard to keep Connie occupied and when you are doing it yourself for days on end it’s even harder- I have no idea how my mum does it every single day!

Hopefully this week things will get back to normal but if not, any suggestions of ways to keep Connie occupied would be greatly appreciated! And let’s hope Mum feels better soon 🙂 Thanks for reading … time for a Roast Dinner!


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