Overnight Trips & Packing Fun!

Tonight, we are packing our overnight bags ready to head down the motorway tomorrow to Stoke to visit Connie’s cousin Ashleigh and her boyfriend James. Connie still isn’t 100% but she is so excited about going away so off we go! We always need to be prepared for any situation but a trip away means even more planning to make sure we have everything that we might need. 

Connie’s favourite suitcase to take away is her Highbury case that she was given as a gift by her friends Angela and Tom. She loves it the most because of who gave it to her and we love it because it easily fits everything in that we need it too!

The first essentials always to be packed (because we would be lost without them) are Connie’s sleeping toiletries – her nappy knickers, wipes and bed mats … all with spares packed. Then her pyjamas, dressing gown and slipper socks to keep her warm. All these things alone can take up a good chunk of the case!

Our main rule when it comes to clothes is to always take spares. Wherever we are, wherever we go – spares are a must! Jeans, tops, socks, knickers, jumpers – the lot … it is better to be safe than sorry. 

Shoes can be a struggle for Connie and we struggle to get her a variety of nice shoes because hardly any provide her with the support around the ankles that she needs. Often she is in high top trainers or ankle boots. 

One of Connie’s favourite things, and a must-have that she can’t leave the house without (especially if she thinks she might be going shopping) is a handbag. She has so many and every single one of them has a purse in it and a packet of tissues – guaranteed. She loves to take her pennies out with her and every purse usually has the grand total of about 12p in coppers in it … even though Connie will always say she has £10!

Other extras Connie might throw into her case can be anything like hats, scarfs, teddys, toiletries – all depends on her. Pillow is of course a must for any journey away … a night without pillow never ever goes down well. 

A trip away for Connie is always an exciting thing and she is so excited to see Ashleigh and James tomorrow even though she isn’t feeling great. Hopefully, all our spares won’t be needed and we will have a great time – look out for updates on Sunday in our next blog post! Let’s hope Goofy enjoys his first trip down the motorway! 


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