Connie’s Alphabet

Here is Connie’s Alphabet that we hope sums up a lot about Connie’s world…

Always on the go

Barney, Goofy & dogs are big favourites

Choking is a new thing we have to deal with

Dog food, dog biscuits, dog bones – she’s tried it all

Eating out in cafes happens ALOT

Favourite film currently on repeat is Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Genetic disorder that is life-changing and devastating

Hates loud, unexpected noises with a passion 

iPad time is the time to get 5 minutes peace

Jerky movements are becoming more noticeable

Keeps us on our toes 24/7

Losing weight is constantly an issue

Movement is becoming a real struggle

Never stops making us smile

Only ever wants to have fun

Pillow is her absolute best friend

Questions are neverending

Rett Syndrome is our reality

Severe learning difficulties are here too

Trapped in her own body

Usually found making a mess or causing chaos

Variety is a must – she likes to be kept occupied

Wrings her hands all the time

Xmas is just around the corner and Connie can’t wait!

YouTube videos are a saviour

Zzzzz – loves sleeping in what we call ‘the best bed in the world!


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