Christmas is in the Air…

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas in Connie’s world! She has spent this weekend getting very festive out at Christmas fairs and here at home … although we have not got our tree up yet! There is no doubt in Connie’s mind now that Christmas is around the corner and that makes our house feel very special and magical – a feeling that lasts the whole month long! We will, because of Connie, forever believe in Father Christmas at our house and all the magical things he can do and we always have lots of fun getting prepared and excited for his arrival.

This weekend the Christmas antics started off with a trip to St Johns Hospice Christmas Fair for Connie with her Aunty Lucy, Uncle Matt and younger cousin Lily. After a quick look around and a turn on the tombola it turned out that Connie was more interested in looking around the hospice reception.

After getting all Christmased out at the fair, Connie went off to do her favourite thing – shopping! Aunty Lucy has been looking for Christmas decorations so Connie went off to Sainsbury’s with her to see if there was any nice ones there. Sainsbury’s was closely followed by Pets at Home, Dunelms and Matalan. As we have said before, Pets at Home is always fun with Connie and this time she didn’t disappoint. After running away down an aisle, she was found with a mouthful of birdseed … at least it wasn’t dog food this time!

Once Connie was home on Saturday night, we found out that Santa had been driving round the roads in parts of our village wishing everyone Merry Christmas (it happens every year and means that Christmas really has begun!) For most people it is a lovely thing to look forward too; for Connie it is a total mixture of torture and excitement. She loves the idea of him coming and gets excited for him but the thought of him going past with the music playing and people walking with him seems to slightly panic her. He didn’t arrive on our road last night but we are now on constant lookout for him and she will be on edge until he arrives. Lets hope he comes tonight so that she doesn’t have to keep worrying about him coming!

We have a MASSIVE announcement tomorrow morning at 8am being posted on our Facebook page and then our blog page. It will be something you won’t want to miss out on and we hope you can all share our announcement as far as you can! Please keep an eye out tomorrow and over the next two weeks to see all the excitement of what is happening! Connie hopes you have all had a lovely weekend to start December off … have you put your tree up yet? She would love to know!


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