News! Blog Awards & Christmas Trees

We mentioned in our last blog post that we had some exciting news and we need your help now …
Just Connie has been nominated for a UK Blog of the Year Award!

UKBA Website Image.png

We are so so so excited and would love if you could help vote for us. The public vote is open until 10pm on Monday 19th December and we need as many votes as possible to get to the next stage. We are nominated in both the Health and Social Care and the Lifestyle category and you can vote for us in either or both category. It is one vote per email. Once you have voted, we would love it if you could share the link to vote for us as far and as wide as you can. Please click on the link below to vote for us!

The UK Blog Awards are now in their fourth year and are the UK’s biggest and longest running programme to recognise influencer talent. The Public Vote is an important part of the process and allows readers to show support for the content they enjoy to read. We would be so grateful if you could vote for us and spread the word to help keep Just Connie growing.

In other news (and Connie is almost as excited about this as she is about the UK Blog of the Year Award), our Christmas tree is up! Connie has been so excited about Christmas this week – we think it has sunk in that Santa will soon be on his way! She has asked everyday who has put their tree up already and her face when she saw ours was a picture! The main struggle that we have had this year, and a struggle that has been on Connie’s mind a lot of the time, is where are we going to put the Christmas tree? Normally, our tree is pride of place in the front window so that it can be seen from outside but this year, you may have seen on other posts, Connie’s favourite chair is now positioned in the window. Looking out of the window and seeing the world go by is one of Connie’s favourite things to do – we couldn’t take that away from her at Christmas time!

So the tree is now positioned (for the first time ever) in the corner of the room next to the sofa and Connie is over the moon that her chair has remained in the same place! Connie put a maximum of three baubles on the tree and then lost interest. Her attention span isn’t very long and she became a lot more interested in sitting with Dad in the other room singing Christmas songs and watching him write some Christmas cards.

An hour later, the Christmas tree is ready and Connie returns to cast her judgement … we think her smile shows how happy she is with it. I suppose the question actually is whether she is happy that the tree is up or happy that her chair hasn’t moved! Either way, it is clear for Connie that Christmas is here and she is over the moon! Please let us know if your Christmas tree is up – Connie LOVES seeing peoples Christmas trees and decorations!


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