Festivities with Family & Friends

What a weekend Connie has had! It has definitely been one of the busiest for her … she has been on the go non stop which is just what she loves!

Friday night started with a girly sleepover at Jade’s house (Connie’s cousin) with one of Connie’s favourite dogs Bertie. Mum and Dad were away Christmas shopping in Manchester so it was the perfect opportunity to go out instead of staying in at home. One of our favourite things about Jade’s house is that it has a bath! That probably doesn’t sound like a big thing to many people but we only have showers in our house. A few years ago our main bathroom at home got changed into a wet room because it was becoming a real struggle to get Connie in and out of the bath. The downstairs bathroom has a shower so that we can get Connie in to clean her quickly if we need too and the second upstairs one just has a small shower so we really miss baths! On Friday night we were able to give Connie a lovely bath as there was two of us there to help lift her in and out of the bath and she loved it! Jade’s bathroom was soaking by the end because Connie had splashed so much! We spent the rest of the night having a lovely homemade dinner and chilling on the sofa watching films with cups of tea and sweets. A perfect start to Connie’s busy weekend!

Saturday brought a lovely trip out for lunch with Ashleigh and James and Connie’s Nana June. They went to Archers Cafe and Connie ate a massive roast turkey dinner. It is safe to say that she has got her appetite back after being ill!

At night, Connie was off out again for an Indian with Jordan, to celebrate Christmas with Ashleigh and James and family because they are off to Jamaica for Christmas … lucky them! Connie was so excited all day long for the meal; she wanted her nails painted, her hair done, perfume on and she even asked for make up on so I did some lovely eyeshadow, powder and lipgloss for her. She loved being out with everyone but I think being so excited all day totally wore her out!

After a long lie in on Sunday (thank goodness!) Connie was off out for tea and cake at our neighbour Nathalie’s house. She was desperate to see Nathalie’s Christmas tree so could not wait to get across the road! Quick trip back home and Connie was back off out again to the Unique Kidz & Co Christmas Party – one of her favourite afternoons of the year for sure! Again, after being unbelievably excited all day Connie seemed to have worn herself out again and sat at a table watching everything going on and only got up to dance right at the end! It was a lovely party with snow, games and a visit from Santa!

As if that wasn’t enough for a weekend, Connie was then invited out for her tea again with Uncle Brendan and the rest of the family to The County for a carvery. She came back telling us how much she enjoyed her meal – she had eaten every scrap! She loves being out with family and came home full of smiles.

PJ time after that for Connie and she went straight to sleep as soon as her head hit the pillow!




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