A Picture Says a Thousand Words…

This week has been spent going through lots and lots of old pictures which luckily Connie absolutely LOVES doing! They are brilliant for getting her memory working and for getting her to have conversation with us about who is in the picture and what is going on. For Connie, pictures are so important. Not only are they nice for her to look at, they are a constant reminder of all the things she has done and hopefully in the future she will have a collection of amazing photographs of what she has done, things she has seen and places she has been.

Looking through the photographs is a lovely thing to do but it can be sad and upsetting, especially looking at Connie’s baby photos where we were totally unaware of what was to come. All the photos we have from Connie’s childhood also show what life was like before we knew the ‘full picture’.Connie did not receive a proper diagnosis until she was 14 so for years we believed Connie had autism yet looking back it is clear that Rett Syndrome was making its appearance.

One of the main signs of Rett Syndrome is the hands which we have mentioned before in a previous post (Hands: Connie’s Tell Tale Sign). The neurodevelopmental disorder is characterized by the loss of purposeful use of the hands and distinctive hand movements. Connie has been showing these movements for years unnoticed. They say a picture is worth a thousand words …

Christmas is really on its way now so lots of exciting things will be happening in the Halpin Household over the next week … we will keep you all updated. Thank you for reading our blog – please don’t forget to like, share, comment and follow. If you haven’t already voted, here is the link to vote for us in the UK Blog of the Year Awards


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