Christmas Week!

There is no doubt that Christmas is Connie’s favourite time of the year. She loves the fact that she gets to see all her family and friends … and of course that Father Christmas comes!

The Halpin Household will always believe in Father Christmas and because of Connie we all get to feel excited and magical when Christmas comes. Every year Connie leaves a special key out for Santa to be able to get into the house and of course leaves him a sherry and mince pie and a carrot for Rudolph. We all lay out our stockings and Connie goes to bed so excited every Christmas Eve.

Every single year on Christmas morning we go through the same process of checking if Santa Claus has been for Connie. We all meet in Mum and Dad’s room (once Connie has shouted so loud she has woken everyone up!) and then the journey downstairs begins. Dad always goes in the lounge first to see if he has been and then calls the rest of us in to see … Connie first of course! These little routines are so important to Connie and she struggles when things change even slightly as we found out this year! Connie’s presents are always on the big sofa but because the sofas had switched this year to fit the Christmas tree in, Connie could not work out where her presents were. She went straight to where her presents normally are but it wasn’t the right sofa … she was not impressed when we had to move her over to her presents!

This year, Christmas Day was spent with Nana June, Grandad Tony, Nana Mags and Aunty Susan and as always we had the best time playing games and eating the most amazing Christmas dinner. We uploaded our video of Christmas Day onto our YouTube Channel – you can watch it by clicking here.

The best thing about the week between Christmas and New Year is that Connie gets to see lots of people that she loves so this year we invited some of the family and our friends round for a few drinks. Connie seemed to be more excited about this than she was about Father Christmas coming. When Connie knows something is happening and people are coming to see her she goes into overdrive with questions. We had three solid days of being asked if Angela was coming, who else was coming, what time are they coming – once again it was never-ending. She spent the afternoon/night dancing and having lots of fun which is what Christmas is really about for Connie – making memories.

New Years is going to be big for Connie this year as it is her first one out at a proper function. She is off to Morecambe Golf Club with Mum and Dad and her Auntys and Uncle. As you can probably guess, she is so excited and has already been emptying her wardrobe out to see what she can wear! We will let you know how it all goes for her but I am sure she will spend the whole night dancing!


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