Just Connie’s Year #1 : New Years Day

1st January 1997

I went out with Mummy, Daddy and Jordan to the Blue Anchor for dinner. Then we all went to Aunty Helens for tea.

1st January 2017

Lots of us went on a big walk today to blow away the cobwebs. I went along with Mum, Dad, Jordan, Morgan, Aunty Helen, Uncle Martin, my cousins Jade and Liam and our friends Angela and Tom. We went to the Blue Anchor for a drink on the way where I spent the whole time wandering around and dancing to the music. We walked all the way back to Aunty Helens and had a big buffet. My favourite part of the day was playing with two of my favourite dogs – Jade’s dog Bertie and Tom’s hearing dog Belle!  

We couldnt believe it when we looked at the diary entry for January 1st! Who would have known that 20 years later we would be doing near enough the exact same thing! Being with the people she loves is so important to Connie  and she thrives off being out and about having fun. She is also partial to a selfie or two so I am sure this is just the first of many to be uploaded onto #JustConniesYear !



2 thoughts on “Just Connie’s Year #1 : New Years Day

  1. Fabulous idea, who would have guessed that first diary would become so important. Happy New year to you all, can’t wait to read the rest of the year. xx

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