Just Connie’s Year #2 : Connie is a Finalist!

2nd January 1997

Nana June and Grandad Tony called today. Daddy was back at work after Christmas so I stopped in with Mummy and Jordan. I slept all night until 6.30!

2nd January 2017

This morning I think we had some big news – Mum and Jordan were so excited when they found out! After a lazy morning for me, I went out with Aunty Susan and Nana June. We went shopping and to a new cafe where I have never been before which I loved! I was out all afternoon which gave everyone at home a nice long break to get things done. After I got home I got into my pyjamas and had steak pie and chips with Mum, Dad and Jordan… and LaLa! I didn’t go to bed until 10pm!

Connie doesn’t go back to college until next Monday so we still have another week of not being in a proper routine and of trying to keep Connie busy. Keeping an eight month old Connie occupied is nothing compared to keeping a 20 year old Connie occupied! We can really notice a difference in Connie when she has had a busy day – she is calmer, more relaxed and definitely happier. Looks like our mission for this year is to keep her as busy as possible!

Today was the day we found out that our blog has reached rhe final stages of the UK Blog Awards and we are SO excited! We are one of 8 finalists in the individual health and social care category and we get to go to London in April for the award ceremony! Thank you so much to everyone who voted for us !



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