Just Connie’s Year #3 : Always Shopping

3rd January 1997

Ashleigh and Declan came to play. Mummy, Daddy and Jordan went shopping tonight. I stopped with Nana Mags.

3rd January 2017

I am loving still being on holiday from college. Mum went out for a walk and left Jordan to get me dressed and ready for the day. I point-blank refused to get out of bed for Jordan until ten minutes before Mum came back … my sister was not happy with me but I made her laugh in the end. I went to town with Mum and Nana June to fill my day up – I loved looking at all the bargains and bought a card for Mum’s cousin. It was another night of going to bed late as well. Dad put CBeebies DVD on for me but I got up and came back downstairs to sit with Mum and Jordan – lucky them!




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