Just Connie’s Year #4 : Dentist Fun

4th January 1997

Jordan has gone to see the ‘Snow Queen’ pantomime at the Dukes Theatre. I stopped at home with Mummy and Daddy.

4th January 2017

Today, Mum took me to an appointment at the community dentist. I have never been a fan of the dentist and normally don’t even get in the chair. Today I did get in the chair after looking out of the window and I fiddled with the tap and the tissue paper. The dentist looked in my mouth with the mirror and shone a big light into my mouth. I didn’t like that part and squirmed to get back out the chair. I was gutted  because I didn’t get a sticker! Afterwards, Mum took me to Next and to Sainsbury’s cafe for my lunch. I ate all of cottage pie – going to a cafe is one of my favourite things to do! I finished the day at Aunty Susan’s for tea and my cousin Declan drove me home afterwards 🙂

Trips to the dentist have never been easy with Connie. For years we worked hard to get her to go to the normal dentist with Jordan and Morgan but we have now been told that if she goes to a normal dentist she cannot go to the community dentist. The dentist she goes to now is specially trained and have more time to spend with patients to explain more what they are doing. Connie gets sedated at the dentist for them to see if any work needs doing.  Last time she had the equivalent of half a bottle of vodka and was still singing and chatting on the chair – they couldn’t believe it! For any work to be done, even something as small as a filling, Connie gets put under general anaesthetic. We try our best to keep Connie’s teeth clean and healthy to avoid this but even just brushing her teeth every day is a major operation in itself for us. It can often take two of us to get it done – one for distraction whilst the other gets the brush into her mouth and gets as much done as possible before she gets mad! Who knew keeping your teeth healthy could be so complicated!


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