Just Connie’s Year #5 : Lazy Days

5th January 1997

Daddy took me up to Nana Mags’ house while he washed Grandad’s car. Mummy and Jordan have gone to see 101 Dalmations with Amy and Michelle. I went up to see Amy later.

5th January 2017

Mum and Dad were both at work today so I spent the morning with Jordan and Morgan (once he got out of his bed!) I don’t normally call them their names – I call them ‘sister’ and ‘brother’. Me and Jordan watched Matilda this morning which made a change from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang that I like to watch every single day! I sneakily went into the kitchen and made a cake whist Sister ran upstairs to get her phone. For some reason her face was a picture when she saw the cracked eggs all over the side and a whole jar of vanilla essence tipped into a bowl … Oops! When Mum got back she took me to Tesco to get some bits for tea then I had a quiet night in with everyone.




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