Just Connie’s Year

Happy New Year to all our readers! 2017 is the year that Connie turns 21 so we have decided to start ‘Just Connie’s  Year’ …

I was given a diary for Christmas and because it was Winnie the Pooh I thought it would be nice to write a daily diary for Connie telling the story of what she did for a whole year. I wrote a message in the back once it was complete with the intention of giving it to her on her 18th birthday …

‘Hope you enjoy reading this diary Connie. You were 20 months old when it was completed and you certainly kept us on our toes!’

I had no idea when I wrote that sentence that Connie would never be able to read the diary herself or the journey we were about to begin. With a diagnosis of Rett Syndrome at 13, it turns out we are lucky to still have her here with us in her twenties. Connie knows the diary has stories in it about her and often likes to hear certain days read out to her but we thought we could go one better and share it with everybody. The blog so far has picked out certain bits of Connie’s life but by sharing the diary we can start at the very beginning. (Jane – Connie’s Mum)

Every day we will post the diary entry for that same day twenty years ago and post an entry for 2017 along with it and we hope you enjoy Just Connie’s Year!

31st December 1996…

Daddy looked after me and Jordan while Mummy was at work. Tracey, Nigel and Megan slept here and we had a little party. I was very sick in my cot!

31st December 2016…

I was so excited all day for my first night out at a party for New Years Eve! Jordan helped me get ready doing my hair, make up and nails and we had a lovely picture together. I had a brilliant time celebrating the New Year with Mum and Dad, Aunty Susan, Aunty Helen, Uncle Martin, Fran, Kathy and Angela. I didn’t get in until 1 o clock in the morning! 

Please like, comment and share to make Just Connie’s Year an extra special one for her 21st Birthday in May! #JustConniesYear 


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