Just Connie’s Year #7 : Happy Birthday Mum!

7th January 1997

Aunty Susan looked after me this morning. I was a bit naughty and cried and cried until she took me for a ride in the car. I went to see Aunty Helen who brought me home when Mummy finished work. Nana Mags looked after me while Mummy, Daddy and Jordan went out for a meal for Mummy’s 33rd birthday. Happy Birthday Mummy!

7th January 2017

I woke up this morning shouting ‘happy birthday mummy!’ and I couldn’t wait to go downstairs and give her a hug. Jordan got me up out of bed and we took her presents and cards down to her. I like to open most of them for Mum – birthdays are just too exciting. We went shopping to Kendal with Nana June this morning and then a few people came around for birthday cake this afternoon; I love singing happy birthday and helping blowing out mum’s candles. After everyone had left, I had a lovely tea of steak, chips and onion rings with Mum, Dad, Jordan, Morgan and Nana Mags. We finished the celebrations singing lots of Elvis around the table and I went to bed shattered! Happy Birthday Mum!!




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