Just Connie’s Year #8 : Sunday Funday

8th January 1997

I slept through the night and got up at 7am. I had a bath and stopped awake until 12.30. For dinner I had cheesy bake and a bottle and went to sleep for 2 hours! Jade came to play while her mum went shopping and Amy came here after school. I was up three times before I finlly went to bed at 9.45pm!

8th January 2017

I had a lovely lie in this morning after my (sort of) late night last night. After Jordan got me up out of bed, I stayed lazying about downstairs until lunch time! I went out with Mum and Dad this afternoon to Next and Morrisons then came home to watch my favourite film at the moment – Chitty Chitty Bang Bang! I ask to have it on every single day … my favourite part is when they sing ‘Toot Sweet’. Everyone tried to have a chilled night tonight but I did my best to stop it – there was lots of running about and shouting. It was lots of fun for me but everyone else didn’t seem to enjoy it as much!

Here’s an old picture for today – although my smile was exactly the same today when I was having lots of fun at home! 


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