Just Connie’s Year #11 : Pampered Pooch!

11th January 1997

Aunty Trina, Georgia and India came and brought Mummy a birthday present. Nana June and Aunty Helen came too. Amy was here playing with Jordan. Uncle Brendan came and took me up to Nana Mag’s house while Mummy went to work. Daddy brought me home.

11th January 2017

I got on the bus to horseriding this morning but I decided I didn’t want to leave the bus when we got there so I didn’t get on a horse today! It was a pamper afternoon at college so I chose to have a foot massage and my hair done. I also got weighed at college and I have managed to put on 2kg since October which everyone is pleased about – they like it when I eat all my food up and put on weight. I was even more of a pampered pooch when I came home as Jordan got me all dressed into my cosy pyjamas and slippers and we cosied up to watch television (well I went on my iPad and nosied out of the window like normal!) 




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