Just Connie’s Year #13 : Fri-Yay!

13th January 1997

I got up at 6.40 today! Callum came to play and we stopped in all day. I had a good sleep this morning which Mummy was happy about.

13th January 2017

I definitely didn’t get up at 6.40 today! Mum woke me up at 8 to get me ready for college. I went shopping to Asda with college today to get the food I need for my cooking class on Monday. I know that Friday means it is the weekend soon so I was happy to go off to college this morning! Friday to me also means that I get to go and have my hair washed at The Hair Spa. It saves Mum and Jordan alot of stress and hard work if I get it washed properly there ever week – it crosses one job off their big list!I find having my hair washed so relaxing … it is a shame that I don’t find having it brushed so relaxing every other day! I came home after being at the salon and showed my nice clean straight hair off to everyone – they loved it like they always do!



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