Just Connie’s Year #14 : One of the Girls 

14th January 1997

Mummy at work so we all got up early. Aunty Susan looked after me this morning and I went to Aunty Helen’s house this afternoon. Everybody came to my house for tea tonight – Ashleigh, Declan and Amy. Sarah cut everyone’s hair for them … not time for me to have a haircut yet though!

14th January 2017

I love a busy Saturday! Today I went out with Aunty Lucy, Uncle Matt and my cousins Evie and Lily. I had a great time – I love being with my little cousins. We all went to the new McDonalds where I had a cheeseburger meal with a coke and Aunty Lucy went and bought me extra fries because I was eating them all up! We went to the pet shop where once again I tried some of the pet food on offer! I went back tp Aunty Lucy’s for a bit and then my cousin Olivia and my friend Jess brought me home. It was so exciting coming home with the girls in their car! I used to go to school and to Rainbows with Jess before Mum and Dad found out that I would have to go to a special school so I thought it was extra special to come home in her car! I was just like one of the girls!


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