Just Connie’s Year #15 : Mamma Mia!


15th January 1997

I got up at 7am – Daddy had already gone to work at 6am. Diane Shield called to see us this morning. Grandad Tony picked us up at dinner time. Mummy went to Kendal with Nana and I went to play with Jade. Daddy was working until 10pm today so I didn’t see a lot of him today.

15th January 2017

After a lazy Sunday morning, Mum took me into town shopping. I have some vouchers to spend from Christmas but I didn’t find anything to buy today for myself. I picked out my cousin’s birthday presents – she will be 9 next week! Mum dropped me back off at home with Dad and Sister and she went out on a walk. I went straight up to Sister’s room to see what she was up too. She was watching a film so I decided to go and get my pillow and join her on her bed. I made her change the film though because I didn’t like what she was watching! I laid with pillow and Sister and we watched Mamma Mia – I sang the whole way through which Sister loved! Mum gave me a nice shower tonight and Sister dried me and got me into my pyjamas. I asked straight away if I could watch Mamma Mia in my bed – she said yes! I think it is becoming my new favourite film!


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