Just Connie’s Year #17 : Bird Feeder Making

17th January 1997

I woke up three times last night! Grandad looked after me here while Mummy has gone to Sainsburys. I’m very tired but don’t feel like a sleep this afternoon! I was a bit of a pest tonight – I didn’t fall asleep until 9pm!

17th January 2017

What a busy day I had at college today! We were making bird feeders today so our first activity was to go to Tesco to buy the lard we needed. Everyone seems to know who I am at Tesco so I like to say hello. Next we went to Beetham Garden Centre to have a look at bird feeders and I was the first to find them … I know my way around shops because I go in them so much! After lunch I made my bird feeder … I managed to get some of the lard in my hair but other than that I had a good afternoon and worked hard. It was a quiet night at home tonight and I had sausages, mash and onion gravy for tea – YUM! Mum and Sister had the lady coming round to do their eyebrows tonight so I tried to spend most of my night in the kitchen watching them but I was too tired and asked Dad to take me up to bed. Bet you can’t guess what film I asked to be put on … Yep it was Mamma Mia again!


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