Just Connie’s Year #18 : Wednesday’s Routine

18th January 1997

I woke up bright and breezy at 7am. I also woke up through the night so I stayed in most of the day. I went with Jordan and Mummy to the shop to buy some sweets and tickets for the lottery. Amy has been here playing this afternoon and I had a good sleep this afternoon for two hours! I went to bed at 9pm.

18th January 2017

It was horseriding today at college. I met a new horse today called Solo and I got to lead it around the paddock and fed him an apple but I didn’t want to ride a horse today. This afternoon I asked to have another pamper session – I had a foot spa, massage and my hair done … lucky me! Tonight I went to Aunty Susan’s for my tea and to help walk the dogs like I do every Wednesday. Mum always comes to pick me up after she has finished playing badminton with her friends. I like to have routines in place for every day so I always know what I am going to be doing – a bit like I had when I was a baby and had all my naps scheduled! I left my iPad at Aunty Susan’s which meant I had nothing to keep me occupied  when I got back home – luckily Sister got me ready for bed and we played with some teddies in my bedroom. I went to bed with a big smile on my face watching my new favourite film!


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