Just Connie’s Year #19 : Dancing Queen 

19th January 1997

I slept all night until 6am when Mummy gave me a bottle and we got up. I went to church with Daddy and then we all went for a walk in Morecambe and Jordan rode her bike. I had a lovely sleep too! Daddy has gone to work tonight and I was so tired I went to bed at 7.30pm.

19th January 2017 

I woke up so excited this morning because I knew it was dancing class tonight! I asked Mum if we could go for tea before class to Morrison’s which made my trip out even better! I came home from college and Jordan got me ready for dance class into my jogging bottoms and top. I refused to wear anything other than my Adidas top – I see everyone else wearing that sign when they go exercising so I wanted to wear it. Jordan dropped me off at Mum’s work and off we went to Morrison’s and then to dancing. There was more people there this week and everyone had lots of fun. I worked hard on my stretches and loved it when the ribbons came out. No one was surprised when I came home and asked to go straight to bed – dancing takes it out of me!

I have always loved dancing – I hope you like this picture of me when I was little dancing away in my favourite skirt!




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