Just Connie’s Year #20 : Remembering

20th January 1997

I just woke up one time through the night and went straight back to sleep – Mummy was very happy! She got me up at 7am and Daddy looked after me until 7.30am. I stopped in today and Aunty Helen called in with Jade. I was in bed by 7.30pm. 

20th January 2017

I had a busy day at college today – I went to Sainsburys this morning and then went to a music session this afternoon. I played the drums and symbols and chose to dance to Little Mix. I knew Jordan and Morgan were going to church today for Grandad so I asked alot of questions about that. It has been four years since my Grandad Vince passed away today. I asked alot about when I would be going to church for him and asked who went today. I am going on Sunday with Nana, Mum and Dad and my Auntys and Uncles. I think alot of people don’t realise that I remember so many things … I miss Grandad and often talk about him and remember different things about him. Tonight me and Dad went next door to see Nana to remember all the funny things he did. I love going there because she lets me root around in all her drawers. Tonight I came home with a new handbag and scarf in a carrier bag! 


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