Just Connie’s Year #21 : Defiance at Deepdale

21st January 1997

I’m going to have my ears tested today and Jordan is going to the speech therapy. I didn’t feel like listening to all the sounds, so Mummy has to take me back another day! I went to Nana Junes this afternoon because Mummy had to go to the dentist.

21st January 2017

Lucky me! Today Mum is taking me to Deepdale in Preston with Nana June, Aunty Lucy and my cousin Olivia. I think everyone knows how much I love shopping so I was very excited! We went to Mum and Nana’s favourite shop – Marks and Spencer and had lunch in the cafe. I had the children’s meal of pasta and meatballs. Mum said I could have anything and have a proper adults meal but I always like to pick the same things over and over again. I pinched everybody’s biscuits that they got with their coffee as well! I was a bit naughty in the shops and managed to pull down some 12foot high magnetic poster boards in the shop – Mum wasnt impressed because she had to try and pick them back up whilst I ran off. I tried some shoes on as well … I didn’t realise they were three sizes too small though! Mum didn’t want me to try them but before she knew it I had my shoes and socks off. Everyone else tries them on so I thought I should … it did take Mum a long time to put my shoes back on properly though. Mum was shattered tonight … oops! 


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