Just Connie’s Year # 22 : Thorntons Treats! 

22nd January 1997

Mummy is at work today until 1pm so Aunty Susan is looking after me and Jordan. I went out this afternoon in my big pram to collect the jumble ready for the sale on Friday night. It was good fun!

22nd January 2017

I woke up early this morning ready to go to church for Grandad Vince. Lots of people know me at Nana’s church and I sat where I sit every time I go – on the organ at the back of the church. After the service we went up to the cemetery to see Grandad. It has changed since I was last there because a new stone has been put up next to Grandad’s. I have always known his as being the one on the end because I can’t read but now it isn’t – I was very confused. Me and Dad went with the family to Archers cafe afterwards for breakfast – I love my cafe visits! This afternoon Mum took me into town for a look around. I let go of Mum’s hand and ran off into Thorntons because I knew that they had chocolates on the taster tray. By the time Mum had reached me I already had two in my mouth. Luckily the shop lady was lovely to me and Mum and gave me a free chocolate lolly!


22nd January 2017 (Mum’s Perspective)

Today didn’t start off great. I knew we had to be up early for church but after going into Connie’s room to get her up I realised there was a strange aroma. Connie had to be fully cleaned and showered which made the task of getting her ready in time for going out even more stressful than it normally is. This afternoon in town me and Connie were walking with our arms linked and before I knew it she had dashed off into a shop. This is never a good thing as I know she is after something. Sure enough when I reached her in Thorntons she had her mouth full of chocolate. I began the normal explanation to the lady at the counter apologising on Connie’s behalf but she just stopped and whispered to me ‘I understand, it must be hard’ – Connie was oblivious. Whilst it nearly had me in tears, it was lovely to know that people can be understanding and not judge Connie and me. Receiving a free lolly made Connie’s day and the generousity shown to Connie made mine. 


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