Just Connie’s Year #23 : Happy Birthday Lily!

23rd January 1997

I got up at 6.30am just as Daddy was coming in from work! Mummys friend came down to see us with her baby Hannah! She is 4 months old. Declan and Aunty Susan came here for tea. I’m quite tired after my bath so I’m having an early night!

23rd January 2017

Today is my little cousin Lily’s 9th birthday! I love it when it is someones birthday because we get to go and sing happy birthday and have birthday cake. I told everyone at college that I was going to my cousin’s party tonight- they want to hear about it tomorrow. I came home, with the egg fried rice that I made in cooking today, and wanted to wrap Lily’s present that I chose for her straight away. I chose two picture holders, a little make up organiser and a fashion sketchbook that I thought she would like. I already wrote my card this weekend because I was so excited!! Jordan helped me to wrap the presents and then off we went. Lots of our family were there and Lily loved her presents from me. For part of her birthday present from her mum and dad she got new fish so she showed me them … I found it funny because they are in my old fish tank that she is borrowing! I ate my Aunty Lucy out of onion rings and flapjack and then had birthday cake – yummy! I love celebrating birthdays and hope Lily had a lovely day. I know I did! 



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