Just Connie’s Year #24 :’Quiet’ Day

24th January 1997

I got up at 5am and played like a good girl. Me and Mummy walked Jordan up to pre-school. Aunty Susan took us both to Grandad Tony’s while Mummy went to work. Then we went to play at Aunty Helen’s house and she brought us home at 6.30. I went to bed at 8pm tonight but woke up at 12.30pm.

24th January 2017

Tuesday is the one day of the week when I have nothing on after college so it is normally a pretty quiet day for me. Today at college we went to Brockholes in the Lake District. I had a lovely time going to the cafe and looking around the gift shop. When I came home Sister took me straight upstairs so we could finish watching High School Musical 2 (another current favourite!). She got ‘pillow’ for me because there is no way I would sit still long enough for a movie without him and we watched the film in her bedroom. I was very quiet and spent most of the time looking out of the window asking where the cows in the field were but it was nice to have some quiet time. Sister drove me down to meet Mum at work at 5.30 so that I could go shopping with her. We went to Morrison’s to get my nappy knickers and to Next to pick up Mum’s order. It turns out even when I think I am having a quiet day I am still really busy! Just what I love! 


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