Just Connie’s Year #25 : First Tooth!

25th January 1997

I woke up again at 7am not feeling too well. I was very hot so I didn’t get dressed all day because Mummy wanted me to keep cool. Nana Mags looked after me while everyone went shopping. I went to bed at 8pm.


25th January 2017

Horseriding today at college. I chose not to ride my horse Solo again this week but I did work hard. I started off by saying ‘hello Solo’ and giving him a pat on the neck. I used the signs around the school to prompt Solo to stop (woah) and start (walk on). I walked, with help, leading Solo in and out of the cones and finished by giving him an apple. Wednesday afternoon is my pamper session at college and today I chose to have a foot spa, face mask and to have my hair done. Tonight I went up to Aunty Susan’s to have tea with her and Declan  … it’s not like me to have a day without shopping! What have you been up too today? I’d love to know! 



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