Just Connie’s Year #27 : Burns Night Celebration

27th January 1997

I woke up at 4am and didn’t want to go back to sleep. I finally gave in and woke up at 6.45am. Aunty Helen came while Mummy went to the dentist again. Mummy has been cleaning like mad because someone is coming to look at our house. I went to bed at 7pm.

27th January 2017

We are having our Burns Night celebration tonight! Nana Mags, Aunty Susan, Declan and Fran are coming round to have our scottish meal – I always love it when people come round! I came home from college and went to get my hair washed … I asked to have it put into plaits today for a change. I helped Mum set the table and I found the special tartan plate that we have and put it into the middle. I remember celebrating Burns Night every year with my Grandad Vince and he made us a special book with all the poems and songs in it. The book came out again this year and we followed his instructions – my job is to bring the haggis in whilst everyone is clapping and then ‘stab’ the haggis (Dad helps me with this part!) Everyone had a great night and I sat on the spinning stool in the kitchen listening to the music and clapping. Did you celebrate Burns Night? Weekend time now!

27th January 2017 (Mum’s Insert)

Today I gave a talk at the local college to the young people studying childcare. I spoke all about starting Unique Kidz & Co – the reasons why we started the charity, what it does and who it helps. I also spoke about the realities of having a daughter with disabilities and about how when I was growing up I never imagined my life being this way. I told the students all about Connie’s blog so would like to say a big hello to any of them who have come over to follow and read the blog. We might do a blog post soon all about what I spoke today about!


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