Just Connie’s Year #28 : Replacement of ‘Pillow’

28th January 1997

Mummy at work today so me and Jordan went to Aunty Susan’s house then to Aunty Helen’s. I was very tired so after my bath I had a bottle and went to bed for 7pm. I slept until 4.30, had my bottle and then went back into my cot until 7.15am! Mummy was pleased with me!

28th January 2017

I always love waking up when it is the weekend! I had a lazy morning with everyone today and stayed nice and cosy in my bear onesie until lunchtime. This afternoon me and Mum went out shopping to Dunelms and Sainsburys. Me and Mum had lunch in Dunelms cafe – I ran off to where there was a lot of cups filled with soup and grabbed one … luckily the woman told Mum that they were free and I could have one. It was lovely with my tuna melt and coca cola! I like the self service machines in shops so Mum let me have a go in Sainsburys … I thought it was great fun but I think Mum thought it was quite stressful! I had a quiet night in with Sister and Brother tonight because Mum and Dad went out with Aunty Helen and Uncle Martin. Sister got me ready for bed whilst Brother went to get me and him some chips from the chip shop. I went to bed with a new pillow watching Willy Wonka.

28th January 2017 – Extras

Over the past few days we have been working on a pillow replacement – which is never easy! Connie’s old pillow was getting past the point of redemption but it isn’t as easy as just giving her a new one and throwing the old away. A new pillow doesn’t have the same feel or smell – she hates it when they get changed and it can make bedtime really difficult for all of us. Tonight we finally made a full transition to the new pillow after having the new one underneath the old one at night for a while – hopefully we can have a good few months now of owning a nice clean pillow! The old one has been thrown out so fingers crossed she gets through the night without deciding she wants the old one back! 

Whilst I was out with Connie today in Dunelms I noticed two people using sign language with their son. I went over to ask if they were using Makaton (which Connie has some understanding of) or British Sign Language. I ended up having a lovely conversation with them and told them all about the blog – so hello if you are reading this post! 


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