Just Connie’s Year #29 : Finding Barney 

29th January 1997

Nana Mags looked after me today whilst Mummy went to the dentist. I was a good girl and had a nice sleep! Megan was here today and I had 2 hours sleep this afternoon so I didn’t go to bed until 9.30!

29th January 2017

Dad and Brother were out early this morning to play golf so it was just the girls in at home this morning. Whilst Sister went to the gym, me and Mum went out shopping to Morecambe. I bought a new facecloth to take into college for my pamper sessions on a Wednesday – it’s a frozen one! We also picked up a new bedsheet for my bed so that Mum doesn’t have to use as many bedmats on my bed every night – hopefully now I have a new one, I can switch between two so Mum has time to wash them. I spotted one of my favourite toys on Morecambe front – Barney! It was a ride for a little baby but that never stops me trying to get on it. I wish they did rides that were accessible for me. I gave Barney a big hug and kiss – it doesn’t matter to me that this one isn’t real … I have three of the real ones at home! I made sure that when I got home I gave all my Barneys a hug and a kiss too. I love Barney – the ‘I love you’ song is one of my favourites and me and Sister sing it all the time! Do you like Barney? 


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