Just Connie’s Year #30 : Wrapping Up & Weight Gain

30th January 1997

It was a very busy house here today! Me, Jordan, Callum, Megan, Amy, Ashleigh, Natalie and Declan were all here! I got out of the way and had a sleep for two and a half hours – I was a good girl. I went to bed at 8.15 after having some fishy pie for my tea and a milkybar yoghurt for my pudding. 

30th January 2017

Monday means back to college! I was excited today to put a new scarf on that I got for Christmas from one of Jordan’s friends in Scotland – thank you! I love it and Mum and Jordan are very jealous! Mum always likes to wrap me up because I am so prone to getting colds. It was trampolining this morning at college and then cooking this afternoon. I worked hard in cooking and did some peeling (with help). I made Angel Delight and Ratatouille which Dad and Sister loved! I get weighed regularly at college because I struggle so much to put on weight and if I start to lose wight I will need special help. Luckily today when I got weighed at college it showed that I have put on nearly 1kilogram! I am the heaviest I have been since summer and weigh 54.3 kg now. Mum, Dad, Sister and Brother were so happy that I had put on some weight so everyone was happy tonight! Lets hope I manage to keep it on!


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