Just Connie’s Year #31 : Tuesday Trips 

31st January 1997

Out early this morning to take Jordan to playschool. I fell asleep on the way home. Grandad Tony looked after me whilst Mummy went to Sainsburys  – I slept for two hours on his knee! I stopped up tonight until 10.30pm because all Mummy’s friends came to our house for a make up party – it was good fun!

31st January 2017

Tuesday is my day for being out and about at college. Today we went to Hayes Garden Centre and then to Brockholes in the Lake District. I love it when I am out for the whole day – it keeps me busy and my day goes a lot faster. It was funny today because we drove past my house in the minibus on the way out this morning. I waved to my house and shouted hello to Mum and Sister with all my friends. Tonight, I went to Aunty Helen’s for my tea because I have been asking to go there constantly for the past week. She made a lovely dinner but all I ate was the bread!! 


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