Just Connie’s Year #32 : Riding Solo?

 1st February 1997

The house was a bit messy this morning! We went to Nana’s this afternoon and Ashleigh came too. I rolled right round in a circle on my tummy and was making all the right movements to try and crawl but I didn’t get very far.

1st February 2017

Horseriding today at college! I was  excited to go because I asked my lady yesterday if I could take a carrot for my horse Solo and she had said yes. I like to feed horses a lot more than I like to ride them at the minute! I worked hard all morning leading Solo around the school and at the end got to give him and Bonnie (my friends horse) a big carrot. This afternoon I chose to have a foot spa and had my toe nails painted baby pink. Then I had my hair done (Sister took a picture for the blog) and a hand massage – I find these sorts of things so relaxing! We found a picture today of when I used to really like going riding so I thought you might like to see it! 



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