Just Connie’s Year #33 : Fancy A Brew? 

2nd February 1997

I had a good sleep last night! I stopped in with Mummy all day and Aunty Trina called. I ate my first jar of food for babies who are 7 months old today – it was okay but full of lumps! I had an early night tonight.

2nd February 2017

It was dance class tonight and this week I tried really hard. I tried my best to follow the steps and copy what Sally (the instructor and my friend) does. We had to stay in line at one point which I struggled with but some of the others in the class kept me on track! Me and Chloe went out for our tea again before the class to Morrisons cafe with our mums – I like going out with friends because it doesn’t happen very often. What with being out and about all evening and all the concentrating I had to do at dance class I was shattered tonight! I cae home and Sister got me into my pyjamas. Before I went to bed I heard that Mum was making a brew so I shouted that I wanted one. She made me one in my favourite mug, even though she knows I never ever drink it and I sat in the girls lounge (not drinking it) before heading up to my bed! I went straight to sleep!

2nd February 2017 – Extras

Having a brew for Connie is as special thing. She sees everyone else have them and it is something that she can easily join in with. She likes to put teabags in the cups she picks out for people. She knows that dad has a golf mug, Mum has a flower one, Sister has a big one and if Nana is round she always has Connie’s Riding for the Disabled mug because it is nice and small. Connie remembers all these little facts and likes to line the mugs up. When Connie asks for a ‘bew’, as she calls it, we all know there is only one mug that she will have it in – she would refuse to have it from any other! She always picks the mug in the picture above that we got years and years ago when Connie attended the same mainstream school as her Sister. It has a black and white drawing of the school on and Connie always remembers that she went there with Sister. She didn’t go there for long but it was one of the things that they did together before Connie got moved into a specialist school. That mug will always be special in this household!


One thought on “Just Connie’s Year #33 : Fancy A Brew? 

  1. Hi Connie. I am Becky’s grandma. At the moment I am in Spain. I live in France and Jordan has been to stay at our house with Becky. I like to read all the things you are doing. Jordan is very proud of you and how well you are doing. Keep enjoying yourself and then Jordan will keep us up to date with everything you do. Love from Gandma Wilkinson.


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