Just Connie’s Year #34 : Routine = Happy Connie

3rd February 1997

I stayed in bed all night until 6am, had a bottle and dropped off again until 7.15am.I went to have my ears tested again and I still wouldn’t listen to two low sounds again in my left ear so I have to go again! The lady rang and said to go again once I have have turned 1.

3rd February 2017

It was a normal Friday for me today – I think I woke up still shattered from dancing last night! I aske to go to Morrisons today at college to get the things that we need for cooking on Monday. As normal, I went into the cafe and had a drink of coke and some crisps. I wasn’t really in the mood for concentrating this afternoon and I didnt stay in music class very long – sometimes I prefer wandering about doing my own thing. The minute Sister and my escort lady got me out of the taxi this afternoon I asked if it was the weekend … I was so excited when Jordan said yes! I like to stick to my routine so at 4, Sister put me in her car and drove me down to get my hair washed and straightened. I go there every week and all the girls there are so used to me now that I don’t have to have anyone stay with me. I get dropped off and picked back up just like anyone else would – it is my little bit of independence! Mum treated me to sausage and chips from the chip shop on the way home for being a good girl so I spent my Friday night watching Pippin on my iPad eating my tea in the girls room. Sometimes I like to just stick to my routine … I can’t be doing new and exciting things all the time I suppose! 


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